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Answer for question 4312.

If there were only two choices, would you rather live in a really cold environment or a really hot one? Why? What are your tips for making either of these more comfortable to exist in?
A hot one honestly. Tired of the winters that bring -40C or lower temps. And sometimes that doesn't include a windchill. Also snow. Tired of snow.

Yay!! Finally.

Yay!! My lower back is feeling better! No, I didn't injure it at work. I have a problem with my back which I've already seen the doctor for. My back hasn't bothered me in months, why it's doing it now... I'm guessing something may have irritated it? Kept Oliver awake at night because I'd be shifting constantly(which would in turn wake ME up because it hurt). Poor bird.

Shit. Haven't Posted in Awhile

Sharing two photos that I am proud of:

.:Greyscale:. by ~Karasu-no-Yami on deviantART


.:Gorgeous:. Black and White by ~Karasu-no-Yami on deviantART

Oh, and back pain sucks.

Haven't Been Here Since October O.o

Yeah, anyway. I don't know If anyone missed me(probably not).

Anyway, I have two groups on dA so if any of you who are on dA and want to join, go ahead if you haven't already done so :)

Bear Club and Constable Of Ravens

Death In The Family

Dusty, my best friend and little brother passed away on September 1st. We had to put him down because he was having problems(type 1 diabetes, you'd also barely brush passed him and he'd fall over due to losing all that muscle mass, he had arthritis which we could tell was painful and he couldn't even jump anymore because of it. His nerves were also going, he'd start randomly twitching) I loved him, and I will miss him. On Monday(the 13th), we got his ashes back. I still feel empty...... He was 14. I really haven't been motivated to do much of anything... :(


R.I.P 1995-2009

Born: April 30, 1995
Died: September 1, 2009

Orphans D:

Me and my family went to the zoo today. We saw some orphaned cougar cubs(3 of them, two males and a female) there. Orphaned because some person shot their mother because they thought she was a threat to human safety. I really am upset about it. For goodness sake, she was a mother! My maternal instinct kicked in and I wanted to raise them myself(not because I want them as pets, I don't, that's not what the maternal instinct is about as I'm sure you know). I started to cry after I read the article about what happened. It's upsetting to know that when there is an encounter between wildlife and humans, the humans usually win. And I find that wrong. I view all life as equal, so I do not believe that a human life is more important than another.

Sorry, I'm just really upset. It sometimes makes me feel ashamed of being a human when things like that happen D:

Oh and the maternal instinct is not discriminate, it doesn't matter if a baby or child isn't yours, or a different species.


Raven Has Another Dragon!!

Go Take A Look, If You Want To.....

LOL, it's my newest youtube video :p I thought I did a pretty good job, but that could just be me.

Look Through My Eyes(Brother Bear, Lion King & Wolf's Rain)

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